Friday, August 29, 2003

About Schmidt (2002) was pretty weird, but in a dull, uninteresting sort of way. i don't think I really understood the movie, or felt like I identified with the character. The hero was not admirable, nor was he noble-- so I guess he was just a guy who has problems in his life. His way of dealing with problems is no example or lesson for the rest of us. I don't think I laughed during the entire movie... maybe I did when they got in a hot tub together. My friends got their jollies from the nudie shots, I guess...

S.W.A.T. was okay. I thought the plot was pretty disjointed, and the stuff that was supposed to build character only distracted from the action. It's an "also ran" in this list of summer action flicks, and just like Trainspotter, didn't really seem like more than a bunch of action sequences. One sentence will describe most of the scenes in the movie: "Lots of people crouching in the dark, being anxious". It was weird how no one really bled in the movie (now, head injuries are usually very bloody). Anyway, it passes the time.

I enjoyed watching Bringing Down the House (2003), particularly because Queen Latifah is a good actress (and funny), and Eugene Levy is also very funny! Unfortunately, my friends would disagree-- they hated the movie. I concede that the timing was off, and Steve Martin wasn't as funny as he could have been. Ah well, we can't all be Pootie Tang.

I forgot to say that I saw Dead Man (1996), with Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Lance Henriksen, Jim Jarmusch a while back. It was a weird movie, one of those arsty ones, but I really liked it.. Depp's a really funny character, with expressive eyes. His sidekick, the indian guy named "Nobody" is really cool, and made the movie for me. I would have a different ending, but still, an enjoyable flick.

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