Tuesday, May 25, 2004



Friday, May 21, 2004

Tonight we headed over to join the Fourth East Mafia to watch Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai (2003). It was pretty good, I enjoyed seeing the battles, and the graceful action shots. A bit gory, and some of it campy, but still some pretty seat-gripping moments.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

We just watched Matrix Revolutions again, and I think it was a pretty good movie. Without the high expectations, it was quite enjoyable. I loved the mech warrior fight scenes (the general is the most kick-ass mech warrior ever), and the awesome ways the Sentinels moved. I like the ships, and the idea of moving a whole ship propelled by EM fields sounds to me quite reasonable. I have to watch LOTR3 again next... or maybe Mean Girls!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

When I was in London with Ian, I got to see Zatoichi. The movie was awesome. A little campy, but the action was good, and so was the plot. I liked the idea of a blind samurai who kicks everyone's ass. I also liked the "women" in the movie, and the interesting character development. It was funny, sad, happy, and complex, all rolled into one. Ian was great to watch movies with, too!

Kill Bill was awful. Lots of gratuitous violence, that I didn't enjoy. I didn't think there was much plot, and the cinematography was too friggin' obvious. Isn't Tarantino too clever having a whole scene in silohuette? No. I don't think I'll be watching the sequel. Good think I saw it at LSC, where it was discounted. Quite a few of the audience left during this movie, it was so bad...Zatoichi is a lot better of a campy, beautiful, samarai flick.

Saw Paycheck (2003) on the plane ride over from England. For a free movie, it wasn't bad. I really thought the idea of a "reverse engineer" was funny. The visions of the future were interesting, particularly the idea that they could "make weather" in a scientific environment. The plot was okay, although I could think of all these ways that technology was kind of slow (for example, why didn't they have an RFID chip on him) that could have foiled Jennings' plans. Ah well, it was enjoyable as a distraction.

Was in Miami for Joyce's birthday. 13 going on 30 was great! I loved all the music scenes, and I particularly like the main character's sense of style. I didn't think I had as sophisticated an awareness when I was 13, but who cares. It was a good movie for remembering the 80s.

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