Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jim's .Snowflake generator gives you the most beautiful samples. The drawing algorithm is based on the a simple set of rules of snowflake creation, akin to John Conway's Life

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The New Yorker:The most insidious implication of the new system is that Rumsfeld no longer has to tell people what he’s doing so they can ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’ or ‘What are your priorities?’ Now he can keep all of the mattress mice out of it.”

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The cream of the crop for movies this winter was really The Incredibles. The best thing about the movie was that the whole package was well done. It had a great plot, with lots of wonderful action and animation. The cast of characters were delightful, and the soundtrack was nice too. One interesting note about the movie was that it wasn't just completely fanciful. The characters had observations about modern life that are very valid, and they exude the values that most superheroes and superheroines would want: honor, consideration for one's loved ones, righteousness, a willing to go all out for one's family, and pride of one's strengths. I would be proud to share this movie with future generations.

Went over at Chris and Nick's to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it was a pretty satisfying, unique movie. I think the cliche is "those who forget their histories are destined to repeat it". The idea it brings to mind is that love hurts sometimes-- and maybe it helps you make better choices in the future. If you erase that hurt, that life lesson is lost, and you might make the same mistake again. Perhaps alot of people would get their minds erased if they are in great pain, but Jim thinks that it is really sad that people would part so easily with their memories, even if they are hard. We all agree that the best part is when Jim Carrey is knocked out and people are having a jumping party on his bed. The premise of the medical company that makes housecalls and takes over your house is pretty funny.

Virginia and I braved snow and cold to see House of Flying Daggers(Shi mian mai fu ). It was very enjoyable, and the movie was BREATHTAKING. The plot was pretty standard, love and passion, rage and jealousy, intrigue and betrayal. I liked the kungfu ALOT. There were parts with dancing on bamboo and Ziyi Zhang dancing with long scarves that are just gorgeous and captivating. I think this one is worth owning just for their dance/fight scenes. The scenery through the hills of China are also reminiscent of Hero. However, I think the CG knife action distracts a little from the raw material of the people and landscape-- yet, it seems to fit in (just too obviously CG).

Got to see
Ocean's Twelve with Jackie in Miami. It was a pretty good movie, but I think you have to watch it twice. Twelve people is a lot to keep track of. I think Brad Pitt looked really good, there were lots of glamour shots of him, and then there are lots of nice shots of other stars like Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and George Clooney in it. Its a movie with lots of little visual vignettes, and I am SO glad that Jackie was there to explain things to me. I should have paid more attention to the dialogue, but anyway, it was good to see the famous actors and actresses enjoying their roles. It's like watching a who's who of young, trendy stars. C'est bon!

Lots of winter movies:
Saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ,and had to say that it was a pretty good movie. The plot jumbled up and invented stuff that didn't really happen in the books,but hey, it was just a cute movie. I really liked the style of the animations at the end, and it reminded me a lot of Edward Scissorhands-- sarcastic comedy, but really cute.... Virginia reminded me that the attack of the Lachrymose Leeches was pretty scary for a kids movie, but the sight was astounding. I liked these huge shutter windows of the lady in the Grim Grotto, and it was nice to see the fanciful settings from the stories brought to life. All in all,a good sunday afternoon!

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