Tuesday, March 15, 2005

All about Eve was okay. it was long, and drawn out. Lots of drama, and it was a good script. The drama wasn't all that interesting to me, personally, but it was okay. I did not like the personas in the characters very much. Think of it as "Striptease" back in the 50s.

This weekend I saw On the Waterfront. It was the first time I had seen Marlon Brando in a flick, and also the first time I really heard those famous lines. When I walked into work the next Monday, my coworkers all chimed in "I could-a been a contender, I could-a been a somebody". It was great, and really shows how a movie can be great without needing lots of highpriced action special effects. The story was terrific, and so was the drama. This is a MUST see, especially when you're getting the 5-5-5 domino pizza deal!

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