Monday, October 23, 2006

Last weekend we saw Thank you for Smoking at LSC. I think the guy had a lot of common sense in the way he approached what he did. Sure, we all have jobs we might not like, and we all find ways to justify why we work for them. I recently read some excerpts from Wisnioski's "Engineers and the Intellectual Crisis of Technology" and thought it melded perfectly with what the hero does in the movie. After enough inner dissent, we begin to question why we should apply technology and who benefits. Then we can put things into perspective in relation to how societies should function.
The LSC classic was Some Like it Hot, which coincided with Buro's birthday. It was a terrific movie, and I enjoyed the acting. Its just funny and serious at the same time, and even in black & white, the action is intense. I liked all the intrigue between the four main characters, and even the bad guys looked great. Oh Sugar! The way they all walk in the movie is great, btw. Makes me want to don on some high heels.
Finally, we saw A Scanner Darkly. I enjoyed the movie plot and the rotoscoping, it was really cool. Others I was with did not enjoy it as much, maybe because of the weird plot ( a little disjointed). I liked it because the ideas were cool, and I think that there's a lot of substance behind the idea that nothing is what it seems. The cool, shape-shifting shirts are a neat techie idea too, although a little silly. I enjoyed the acting, and thought the ending was predictable, yet interesting.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Saw Fearless with Virginia and Rich. It was a wonderful movie, and makes me appreciate martial arts even better. The hero's transformation was very moving, and the fighting scenes were spectacular. It is worth it to try and watch it again sometime.

Recently saw Brick with 1W at LSC. It was a good movie. We spent some time afterwards to discuss what actually happened, and I decided that it was an interesting movie, but they were definitely not High School STudents. The whole school plot was a random as a backdrop. It was a melancholy movie, and as they go, it was alright but a little slow. Had to pop in B13 to watch David Belle do Parkour, get the blood pumping again.

Also saw bits of the 7 Samurai.

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