Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today I caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my good friend J. I wasn't sure that I would like really, because so far many sequels have been disappointing (Pirates 3 which my students were watching last night). Harry has grown older, and the stakes have risen higher in this one. I was at in suspense, even though I knew what had happened cause I had read the book. The Death Eaters and the wizard battles were even better than I had imagined, and also, I thought the movie's bad girl, The Umbridge Woman, was sheer evil! It was amazing what a complete fascist she was, and how she behaved. I was scared! I enjoyed the final battle moments the best, when Harry and Dumbledore are under Voldemort's attack. What awesome magic! :) This is a must see, particularly if you have read the books and seen the previous movies.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saw the Silver Surfer 2 with V & R. It was awesome. I just enjoy watching the Welsh actor that plays the main character, Ioan Gruffudd. He plays the brilliant Reed Richards, and is engaged to Sue Storm in the beginning of this movie. The character development for him is again about the dual roles he has to play. He has both a sensitive side (and tries to make all the right moves when it comes to his sweetheart (Sue's a lucky gal)), who also has a Super-nerdy side as a brave scientist-superhero good-guy (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic). He also shows some terrific awkward but cool dance moves, but he can dance! Is it me, or does his shy side make him even more handsome [cue Diana King's "Shy Guy" lyrics]? I enjoyed reminding myself of the swashbuckling, principled but mischievous character he played as Horatio Hornblower. I have trouble deciding what makes Gruffudd's characters so cool:
1.he's ultra handsome slim, tall, and built (but shows humbleness)
2.he's got brains and he's not afraid to use it, particularly when it comes to saving the day
3.his chivalrous and witty attitude, funny even when the going gets tough
4.cool costumes and toys! Swashbuckling or superhero? everyone loves a guy with a cool ride,whether its a futuristic spaceship or a beautiful wooden boat
I think its the humor and good nature of his roles. he reminds me of my own Mr. Fantastic, so handsome, witty and kind!

So, this is quite a long post, and I've rambled too long about the leading man. NEWay, I thought the movie was awesome mainly because of Mr. Fantastic, but I also liked the other characters and enjoyed watching it. The plot itself is pretty standard, but nicely acted out. The special effects were very nice, particularly the costumes (the way Johnny Storm flames up, Silver Surfer's shine, Ben Grimm's stony-physique, Sue's invisible woman). [Michael Chiklis did very well as Ben Grimm, and I enjoyed his humorous zingers, so different from his role as Vic Mackey in The Shield.] Maybe one reason I liked it sooooo much was because I expected one of those comic book hero films where the lead character is shaped by revenge and is lonely all the time. Instead, the movie was cute and romantic, even though I didn't expect that. It also reminded me some of the Incredibles. There is a lot of appeal in characters who have moral fiber and stand for good virtues, loyalty, and love. Jessica Alba's character (Sue Strom) was brave and also kicked ass. I always like strong leading female characters.

In the movie Sue Storm's wonderings about a normal life are things MIT graduates think about too... I thought the movie gave me some nice perspective in that area because at MIT life is hectic and we work so much that I often wonder what a normal life would be like. but then the way it ended made me realize that I wouldn't trade what I have right now for the world, 3AM nights, dorm rooms, too much too do, too much to think about... wonderful!

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