Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We saw a lot of movies recently. here are some of them from good to horrible.
Live Free or Die Hard. So good that I would watch it again. Funny and great.

Blood Diamond was tops. Leonardo DiCaprio was a good bad guy, and the plot twists were good. Good character development, you really sympathize for the native guy and his family. I liked the way DiCaprio says "hey bruv". The interplay between people was good. The end could have been more disney, but it was good the way it was. I think the plot would have been better if there was less violence, but it wasn't bad compared to the grisly hooks in The last king of scotland.

Iron man was enjoyable, although the girl in the movie was too dumb a character for my liking. the plot was good, and the fight scenes were alright. It is nice to see the sweat of engineering being done in a movie.I was cheezed by the cameo of Samuel Jackson at the end. It was lame, and had no point. Actually some of the bits were supposed to be funny in the movie I thought was too dry, and the character development was pretty shallow.

I am Legend was disappointing. I had heard a lot of good things about it. but the plot was sappy, kind of illogical. I don't see the motivation of the Will Smith character at the end being rational. I also think the hunting scenes were dumb, because if the doctor was THAT smart, he would have gone up high and sniped, not chase deer in a thunderbird. The acting was mediocre. "I was saving that bacon" whatever. Smith always looks like the same character, Fresh Prince (laugh but don't laugh). Vampires were done with a lot of c.g., but I didn't think they were scary at all-- maybe just weird and kind of uncanny.

Mimic was definitely a b-horror flick. There was an autistic boy in this, which made for an interesting plot twist. The scary-dark was scary and good, but the bugs were silly and gooey. The science is doubtful.

Last and least on the list:
Born To Fight was horrible. Much worse than Ong Bak. The plot was unbelievably pointless, the acting was horrible, and the fighting was too ridiculous to believe. I was going "wtf" when there's a very long and uninteresting advert of Thailand right in the middle, and then bloodthirsty disgusting hateful things happening. Maybe this movie was not for non-Thais...? I wanted to pukem this movie was soooo bad. It was excruciating.

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