Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was terrific way to celebrate Virginia's birthday.
The movie reminded me of the depth of characters in the book, I remembered completely the emotion that was traversed by the story. I remembered that Harry and his friends were going through the terrible teenage phase, that they just discovered dating, and that Harry has his closest brush with death so far. I really enjoyed the beautiful Special Effects, and as always, the depictions of life as a wizard were quite thrilling. I loved watching Viktor Krum's entrance during the World Wizarding Tournament, and even Weeping Myrtle's dialogue with Harry was exciting. This movie was more international than most, and it was nice to see all these other cultures who could have wizards.
Although people said the Vilas were nowhere near as hot as they were to have been in the book, I felt that characters embodied by Viktor Krum and Cedric Diggory were just as handsome/self-possessed as they were in the book. It was also nice to be reminded of what a good friendship had blossomed between Cedric and Harry. Although it was a bit sad, I still highly recommend this movie, particularly if you are a Harry Potter book fan, and movie fan. Go with friends, and also gossip about the nouveau wizard fashion!

Ong-Bak was a truly inspiring movie. The fighting scenes were more awesome than in any other movie I've ever scene. Tony Jaa was so quick, and the moves were so deadly! It didn't matter that they didn't speak english or that thai sounds so peaceful, in contrast to the movie. His moves were superfastdeadlycool. I didn't want to blink, for missing any of the action. Although it was a *little* gory at bits, I felt that the story was pretty good, and there was a lot of dramatic twists to keep me going. Loved the car chase scene, and also the unexpected ways he would thwart his enemies. This is a must see for martial arts enthusisasts. :) F'n awesome!

We got to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at LSC some time ago. It was awesome. Johnny Depp is a terrific Charlie, and I liked everything they did. Although the old version is still pretty good, the newer version is a lot hipper, and I'm glad the story is more "adult" than "child oriented". The kids they got to play the brats were hilarious. I found myself falling out of my chair because Augustus Gloop was so funny, and that hilarious Verucca Salt. The evil looking Violet and her equally grownup, but fiercely competitive Mom. All Funny! The Oompa Loompa was also a neat surprise. I loved the part with the Administrative secretary. LOL!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saw Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) with a few friends. It was definitely fun, and although a bit "cliche", I really enjoyed it.

The concept of bunny heaven, a were-rabbit, and a town with a "giant vegetable" competition had me in stitches. The funniest character, other than the main folks, was the crazy priest (blessing the vegetables) and his hysteria, "We've brought this upon ourselves!"

Gromit ROXXX. He is the pinnacle of cool, and the ultimate engineer-dog. He's got the best facial features, and his eyebrows are SO expressive. Go Gromit! Wouldn't we all want to be as kick-ass as Gromit?! He sure handles everything with aplomb and good spirit. He's also got the nicest pounce (see left)!

Sahara was very enjoyable. I loved the Panama scene, and the hilarious hijinx the two guys get up to. Penelope Cruz doesn't say a lot, but I guess most of the dialogue was between Al and Dirk. Their attitudes r0xx0r. I also enjoyed the improbable heroic acts of Dirk. Wow! His friend is also so loyal and capable, and FUNNY!
Sahara's offical movie site.

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