Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For class, we recently did a study of shopping as it has become more mechanized. We went to Haymarket and compared the wonderful experience to Shopping at Shaws. It was somewhat of a surprise how positive the shopping experience at Haymarket was, compared to shopping at Shaws. At Haymarket, the vendors were very friendly, while at Shaws, they were merely functional. It is interesting that the separation of job functions, and optimization of efficiency in the shopping process has also resulted in shopping being more task oriented in finding and aggregating, vs. negotiation and persuasion.
Check out my songs on the haymarket and shaws experience.

Friday, September 22, 2006

B13 was awesome!!!! I could watch the guys move all day! Whoo hoo! Makes me want to hang a rope outside my window. The guys really knew how to go through windows and land on their feet.
In class this week, we saw Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, some stuff from Edward Muybridge, the visual-music ballets of Oskar Fischinger, and the bizarre militaristic synchronicity of Busby Berkeley and Ethel Merlman. Many from the Prelinger Archives, particular a movie on the great US census involving 2 traveling bums, and a documentary about the work done by housewives (by Jam Handy's Easy Does It). Woof!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Saw V for vendetta at LSC with the hall. It was pretty awesome. Talk about the best hack ever.
Also, in Chris C's class, we saw Stanley Milgram's Obedience video fromYale university. It was easy to understand that responsibility and ethics are things that need to be taught to people. Many people do not have the capacity to question authority nor take full responsibility for their own actions. Think of all the people who are just happy to work, and don't want to rock the boat because they think that a higher authority knows best, even when they are told to harm other people. Interestingly enough, V for Vendetta refers to the Milgram experiments, comparing V's ordeal with those of the Milgram participants.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saw Real women have curves with the hall. It was good, the plot was interesting and the only thing I wanted was the movie to be a little longer to the point where she helps out her family because of her education. Or maybe a post-synopsis of her getting along with her past eventually.
We also just saw 12 Monkeys again. Superb acting by both Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt- wow! HOw does he do that cross-eyed thing?

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