Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pirates of the Carribbean 3 was okay. Some of it was enjoyable, other parts were too long. I didn't think there was enough Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) pirate acting, and there wasn't nearly enough swashbuckling. I'm a little annoyed that there was too many crossed romances to keep track of. Also, it didn't seem like the resolution in the end was a true resolution, not all the couples ended up together-- or it wasn't a good ending anyway. Also, don't they pay these people to do editing? What's with all the ho-hum pirate arguing over a table, and Sparrow's dad-- unnecessary plot baggage!!!! At least I got to see a pirate wedding-- that was alright, and some interesting naval fighting. Luckily, my Amazon shipment came in, and I also got to see a better movie:

Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines. The Italian count was AWESOME!!! He does everything with relish, and also I thought the heroic acts were quite interesting. The plot was full of humor and suspense, and the love story was nice too. *ah* Engineers! The thrill of the international competition, the fierce rivalry between nations, the charm of the different cultures. Brilliant!

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