Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last weekend we saw The Golden Compass with V&R. It was good to see the realization of the book details on the big screen. The characters were nicely portrayed, but the story was not told as well. My most obvious complaint was the missing last chapter, but there were other details that I was looking forward to seeing, such as the chase scenes with Lyra meeting a nice stranger, and stealing a boat from the gypsies. I missed most the sordid demonstration of that Grumman guy's head in a block of ice, since I was rather curious about it when I read the book. I liked the book so much that I felt that the storytelling in the movie was rather choppy and sloppy. They left out a lot of good stuff. They should have some sort of narration to transition between scenes better. The fighting scenes were rather kewl, and the shots of the panserborne bears were great (although I thought Iorek could have run faster in the external crosscountry shots). I enjoyed the vibration force of the bear roars, though! Nicole Kidman plays a terrific Mrs. Coultier... I thought the monkey would have been bigger (had longer, shimmering hair). They didn't do justice to the Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde personalities between the monkey and Mrs. Coultier--- but all in all I am glad I saw it. I really really wish that they would have ended it properly. It feels like dinner without dessert... I didn't get to see the inadvertent betrayal of best friends that really made the story heart-wrenching and awesome.

Speaking of best friends, I also got to see Superbad with the students. Oh Yeah, it was awesome. All the McLovin' parts were AWESOME. "McLovin"!!! Can you get better than the whole story of best friends in their senior year. Although there was a lot of crass humor and sticky situations, I really enjoyed the McLovin part, and how true the characters were to how I believed they would behave in those situations. ONe guy was completely selfish because he was insecure, while the other was trying to do what he thought was right. And McLovin was just trying to be cool, and he took it all the way, which was just awesome. The Cops were hilarious, Mclovin... Sounds like a sexy hamburger! I was ROTFLMAO yes. go see it. it was gooooooood.

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