Monday, June 29, 2009

Recent Trace Buster Buster movies I've seen (my 5 star system):
Star Trek ***** yay, spock! yay kirk! yay space! yay big worm holes and time travel. Live long and Prosper.
Angels and Demons **** it was a trace buster buster plot, involving some very strange methods of execution. Who knew selecting a new pope would wreak such havoc! Also the first time I've seen immolation.
Wanted **** campy and fun, angelina jolie plays a great assassin. Morgan Freedman is terrific in his advisor, infallible role. This was also a trace buster buster plot.
Starship Troopers **** Always fun, but I always forget how gory this movie is. I hear the book is much better.
THe Big Hit ***** Trace Buster Buster says it all!
Up! ***** its a great story, makes you realize that true love is having that person around you day to day, and celebrating that other person. "Every day is a honeymoon!"
Sherlock Holmes (The Blue Carbuncle) *** such sporting gentlemen, hard not to like the intrigue and the plot twists. Watson's repartees could be a bit more clever and witty, as I always enjoy British banter. The acting was quite affected and ridiculous at times, but all in all, good fun.
The Last Boy Scout ***** funny, had to wait until the minors were asleep before we saw this one, but very funny. Bruce Willis does crazy cop really well.
Wall-E ***** Pixar hits the spot with this Intergalactic Planetary plot!

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